Karcher K2 Compact Home Pressure Washer Review

Kärcher K2 Compact Home

If you’re looking for an entry level pressure washer that still delivers when it comes to design and build quality, then the Karcher K2 compact home pressure washer is a compelling option. Designed for light domestic cleaning, this would be a great addition to your powered home appliances.

If you’ve been considering this model but still aren’t quite sure about the features and how well it is able to perform in cleaning tasks, then this review will be a great starting point for choosing your first pressure washer.

Karcher K2 Feature Overview

  • Upright, electric powered pressure washer.
  • Includes lance attachments and basic accessories.
  • Mix detergent into your pressure stream for effortless cleaning.
  • 110 Bar pressure rating with 360 litres per hour water flow.
  • Air cooled electric motor.

Intended Use

If you need a light weight portable pressure washer for domestic cleaning, then this is a great light-duty solution. The Karcher K2 is suitable for cleaning vehicles, lightly soiled tiles and outdoor surfaces, tools, and outdoor furniture.

110 bar of pressure is at the lower end when compared to other units, but it’s still sufficient for cleaning your car on the weekends, hosing down a boat, or even removing grime from your home siding, bricks, or cladding.


Any time that you are looking for a pressure washer, performance will be the main decider. 110 bar is suitable for all of the intended applications, and the only area where this unit is really lacking is in water flow.

360 l/h is slightly below the average flow rate for this price range, which means that cleaning jobs could take longer than with some competing washers with a similar pressure rating.

However, one benefit of having lower water flow is that this unit conserves more water per wash, and because it’s designed for light-duty tasks, this should not be considered as a negative point.

Cleaning concrete and other outside surfaces can usually be achieved with a single pass over each section, but this will depend on how much embedded dirt and grime there is. If you’re using this for regular maintenance, then you will find that it performs above your expectations.

Included Accessories

Sometimes accessories can make or break a product, especially in the case of an electric pressure washer, where the extras will determine how easily you can get your cleaning jobs done.

Thankfully, the Karcher K2 compact home pressure washer has three excellent cleaning attachments that make it perfect for all of the jobs that it is intended for.

The standard lance is used for variable pressure washing on a range of surfaces, whereas the Dirtblaster attachment should be used for cleaning tiles, paving stones, and other weathered surface that are heavily soiled.

There’s also a splash-free patio cleaner that can be used for gently cleaning outdoor surfaces, and it’s the one that you would use for regular upkeep on your outdoor surfaces.

The unit has a built in storage system for the accessories, and there’s also a vacuum tube for adding detergent into the water flow.

Best and Worst of the Karcher K2 Compact Home Pressure Washer

The pros of this unit can easily be summed up:

  • Great design and assembly.
  • At less than 6kg, it’s incredibly lightweight and portable.
  • Great entry-level price point.
  • Easy to understand and use, even for first time users.

Although not the perfect machine, there’s still very little to complain about.

  • Air cooled motor means continuous use should be limited to 30 minute sessions with short breaks between.
  • Low pressure and water flow rates limit this model to light-duty cleaning.

Final Thoughts

A home pressure washer only needs to get a few things right, and in the case of the Karcher K2 compact home pressure washer, it can satisfy all of the requirements of the average domestic user.

It’s not the most powerful pressure washer on the market, so heavily soiled surfaces could mean longer and inefficient cleaning times, but considering its low price point and high build quality, it can easily be considered one of the best pressure washers in its class.